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About Us

Time Cargo Logistics, a company with multiple specialization, has been working on various transportation and distribution projects since 1990. TCL has developed advanced solution in order to face the ever increasing recruitment resulting from technological and industrial progress.

Moving with the times
Our cargo customers, most of the ones we know, are getting a lot more in time, they are getting more services under deadline with more vendor. We have even more pressure to keep the time and cost down. And do you think we get extra time to cope with all this extra work? The chances are less If you are cargo company, you have naturally got the same problems as your customers the tome factor pulse the added burden of stiffer completion, you know that nearly 35% of your revenue goes to converting sale and administration cost on some jobs it’s a lot more than that and now your customers are asking you move more and more cargo in lesser time. Do you think are to change any time season?